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June 17th, 2015

ITV Anglia reporter Kate Prout recently interviewed Magma Products managing director Paul Rushton for a news story on Great Yarmouth.

The feature focussed on the business growth potential for the region, in particular in the oil and gas sector.

Paul said:

“The industry is a cyclical one and we’ve been going through those cycles for a number of years. This is actually been probably harder than most.

“It’s driven a lot of efficiencies. However, the skills and determination that are in this area to actually grow and export worldwide provide tremendous benefits in the coming months.”

While Aberdeen, Houston and Romania continue to play an important role in achieving the company’s strategic objectives, here are Paul’s thoughts on a bright future for the Great Yarmouth area:

“Magma Products recently made a significant six-figure investment in its Beacon Park facility in Great Yarmouth; demonstrating the business’ confidence in the potential of the area.

“We’re delighted with our Beacon Park facility. It ticks all the boxes for our needs: a modern facility in a respected location, the park is suitable for any business looking to grow. Personally, I was pleased to see a dynamic partnership between local council and the government bring something of tangible benefit to the business community.

“The wider Great Yarmouth area also offers Magma Products the opportunity to tap into a strong and capable workforce that are recognised as having exceptional talent worldwide, allowing us to grow. In addition, it allows us to enhance our relationship with clients in the southern sector of the North Sea oil and gas industry, which is important in relation to project costs and communication.

“We’re looking at new efficient and cost-effective ways of delivering our existing services –pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up – along with additional services such as decommissioning of oil and gas installations and alternative energy. There’s scope to grow the business in the North Sea but also to win contracts further afield which would require support from our Great Yarmouth facilities and team.

“We’re a recognised specialist in our field; that has stood us in good stead in the past and is doing so now. Yes, things are more difficult right now but by working smarter or by developing partnerships to find more efficient ways to deliver projects, I’m sure there’s still a bright future for the industry as a whole.”