Whether your project is a new field development or an upgrade of an existing installation, FEED and Detail engineering is a critical phase. Decisions made at the beginning of a project have a major impact on the overall success of the project, and the earlier we are involved the greater impact we can achieve.   We can supply engineering resource to independently review the feasibility of a number of options, and ensure that the projects real needs are fully addressed, and realistic project costs and duration identified. We provide Engineers, Designers and Technicians to integrate into the clients organisations during projects so that the client has the engineering support they require to manage all the project needs. For upgrades on existing installations, the driving force behind the project is often the need to rectify a problem or shortcoming. Here it is critical that the root causes are identified and addressed, rather than simply treating the symptoms of an underlying problem.   We have experienced several proposed projects that when we analysed the real issues required nothing more than a change in operating procedure, saving clients millions of pounds! Often clients have a number of projects that are competing for increasingly limited funding, and here we can carry out economic analysis to establish where the greatest economic benefits lie. This requires close liaison between the client’s operations, reservoir, and business experts, and engineers who can realistically evaluate project costs, timescales and shutdown durations.   All too often these decisions are made with at least one of these parties missing. Magma Products team of Managers, Engineers, Designers and Technicians can represent your company to ensure you get the best service from your subcontractors. We can also carry out any required scopes of work by providing Management or Engineering support on an hourly basis.